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Life can be rough, but being fit and healthy shouldn't be. Follow these simple steps to become a Fella.

Step One: Claim your free class pass

Step Two: Join the Fellementary School Intake

Step Three: Become a fully fledged member of the Fellership

Step Four: Get results!

Class Drop In - £8

Single Class Pass

We love meeting new people, so if you're passing through Kendal we'd love to have you. Simply sign up here and book directly onto your chosen class, or contact us and we'd be happy to help!

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Access to all facilities
  • Take your pick of any class
  • One-off fee
  • Easy booking system
  • Class packages available on request for regular Fell Fit attendees

Fell Monthly Membership - £69pm


Want to attend a couple of classes a week and get guaranteed results? Then become a member of the Fell Fam. You'll get access to the best coaching team, our unique classes, outdoor workouts, and exclusive events.

  • Priority access to any of the classes
  • Great value
  • Welcome Pack
  • Use of all facilities
  • First-access to special events and outdoor workouts
  • Regular promotions exclusive to members only in the Pro Shop and Cafe
  • Promotional rates for workshops, special events, and seminars
  • Fixed price for 12 months
  • No obligation, cancel any time
  • No sign up fee, no inductions

Fellementary Membership - £59

Fellementary School & Classes

Every month we open Fell up to a new group of beginners. We start with the four Fellementary School lessons where you become proficient in CrossFit fundamental movements. Then you have unlimited access to as many classes as you like for the rest of the month to show off your new moves. Your membership is upgraded at the end of the month as you become a fully fledged member of the Fell fam.

  • Master the fundamentals of CrossFit
  • A pre-requisite for all members new to CrossFit
  • Small group setting
  • Led by professional, experienced CrossFit coaches
  • Build confidence in a supportive, nurturing space
  • Opt-out at any time