CrossFit Classes

CrossFit classes are essentially personal training in a social, group environment. Class begins around the chalkboard where the workout has already been planned for you. Your coach will talk you through the session, assess any injuries, and explain the various movements.

We're well known for our fun, playful warm-ups. Typically we'll move onto strength or skill work, although we do mix this up to keep you on your toes. You could be snatching, squatting, or working on your pull-ups.

We then go in to the WOD (Workout of the Day). These change everyday and take various different formats (Rounds/Reps for Time, Every Minute On The Minute, As Many Reps As Possible), so you'll never get bored! Your coach will demo all of the movements and will guide you through everything adjusting you as you go along, so you're in good hands. Our program is thoughtfully designed by head coach, Danny Wizniewiski. You'll love the variety of the sessions, but more importantly you'll love getting results!

What's so great about CrossFit?

- Drastically improves all ten components of physical fitness i.e. speed, strength, power, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, stamina, CV endurance, accuracy

- Trains functional movement, which transfers to your everyday life meaning you can perform everyday tasks better and can get more out of life

- Diverse, varied, and versatile training methods means you'll become a well-rounded athlete

- It constantly changes, which means you'll never hit a plateau, get bored, or stop seeing results

- Get fit FAST

- Helps to achieve that elusive drop in body fat whilst increasing lean muscle

- Get stronger, more powerful, and more efficient

- Universally scaleable. Anyone can do it; granddads, pregnant ladies, kids. You all do the same workout together, but adapted so it suits your best

-Increased bone and muscle density and tendon and ligament elasticity preventing injuries and decreasing degenerative symptoms of ageing

- Greater motor function and body awareness (this is particularly useful for our older members, as it keeps the mind and body in sync)

- Boosts metabolism, regulates blood sugar and hormones

- Releases happy hormones, which reduces stress and anxiety! Good vibes only brah

- Boosts energy 

- Community. When you join a CrossFit gym, you're adopted into a fitness family, your very own support network that keeps you motivated

- Addictive. You'll become obsessed with training, leaving your unmotivated self behind you in the globo-gyms of the past.  

- Time-effective. In just one hour, you get a full body workout and all of the above.