Become the master of movement with our bi-weekly Gymnastics Classes. In our Gymnastics Class you will work on fundamental bodyweight movements, which will improve strength, flexibility and range of motion. This class is designed for all abilities whether you can front lever, body flag, or have never done any gymnatics before.

Gymnastics are advanced motor skills, which requires your brain and body to connect. Not an easy task! We address this by trying lots of different drills and gradual progressions that allow the individual to find something that works for them and find that 'click' moment when it all comes together.

If you struggle with the pull to push turnover on a muscle up, or you just can't get to grips with the kip, or the range of motion just isn't there - we can help you with all that!

This class will get you confident on the rings and upside down. Remember when you were a kid and you would do endless bar overs and you'd spend more time on your hands than your feet? We'll get you cartwheeling like you're 12 and pulling some amazing shapes for the gram!