Olympic Weightlifting

Build strength, power, and speed by Olympic Weightlifting at one of Kendal's best weightlifting facilities. Olympic Weightlifting is one of the most effective ways of improving fitness. Our coaches are British Weighlifting accredited and specially trained in coaching all barbell movements. With state of the art facilities, Fell is one of the best places available in Cumbria to improve your Olympic Weightlifting.

This class suits the beginner to the more advanced powerlifter. Everyone will improve their lifting mechanics, ability to cycle the bar efficiently, lift heavier, safer, and become more explosive. Plus, it's super addictive and PB central.

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

Strength training has obvious performance advantages - increased balance, coordination, speed, strength, and power - but it also has amazing health benefits that everyone can gain from:

  • Increases bone density, which ensures health in later life and reduces or alleviates degenerative disease
  • Most effective way of building muscle
  • Better muscle tone and greater bone density actually reduces the risk of injury and significantly lessens any sudden impact (e.g. falls, accidents)
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism and regulates healthy body fat
  • Improves posture
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Regulates insulin and blood sugar levels
  • Better quality sleep
  • Balances hormones